May 2015 Newsletter

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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2015 Spring/Summer Training

SEBANE will be holding a NEC Code seminar with Bill Brooks on June 29th.  Please touch base with SEBANE for registration!

CED Greentech will be hosting SMA’s Road Show at our Auburn MA warehouse and at The Robert E Post Park in the town of Ulster NY.  Please contact us for more information and stay tuned as we set dates for more training events!

Product Updates

Stay Tuned!

The Enphase AC battery will be part of a new energy management system slated to roll out in 2015. This will include S series micro inverters, S envoy, and the enlighten management system. Visit for more information.


The SMA ReadyRack system is designed fro the Sunny Tripower TL-US. This system comes equipped with AC disconnect, combiners, cables and more balance of system components pre-installed and pre-wired to decrease the installation time. This system was designed to be installed within 10 feet of the PV array and when done so is compliant with NEC 690.12.

Industry Updates

News from Mike Trahan & SolarConn

There are a few Bills still making their way out of Committee onto the floor of the Congress in Hartford but we’re still a long way off from meaningful change by way of legislation.  Now is the time to contact your state reps and ask them to support any and all solar related bills.  If we don’t shape our industry, someone else will!!

INTERCONNECTION UPDATE – Last month, the SolarConn Working Group on Interconnection asked me to contact PURA to seek their input on how to get the EDCs to work with us on our suggested changes to the Interconnection Guidelines for Systems up to 10kW.  The EDCs have twice missed deadlines they set to reply to SolarConn to the suggestions we submitted last August.  The Working Group felt we’ve given the EDCs ample time to reply.  I did speak to a PURA staffer a week ago after I traded email with PURA Commissioner Jack Betkowski.  That PURA staffer agreed to reach out to CL&P.  I got a call a week later from Eversource’s Joe Debs telling me I’d hear from him in less than 3 weeks at which time he’d lay out the changes the EDCs are expecting to make.  He wouldn’t go into detail.  If I don’t hear from Joe by the end of next week I’ll be back in touch with PURA seeking a docket be opened to hear our concerns. 

PV SURVEY– Too few SolarConn members have responded to the online PV survey sent out several weeks ago.  Without your responses we cannot determine goals for the association.  Take 10 minutes and reply please ...

News from Solar Industry

New England States Issue Joint Renewables RFP

Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island have issued a request for proposals (RFP) for Class 1 renewable energy resources. Electric distribution companies within MA, CT, and RI will collaborate to issue a draft RFP for clean energy resources. The RFP will seek bids on new Class 1 renewable energy projects such as, wind, solar, small hydro, biomass and fuel cells.  (

CEFIA/ Connecticut Green Bank

As of April 2015, more than 10,000 Connecticut residents have invested in solar panels. The expansion of residential PV solar systems is due to the rising electric rates, declining installation costs, and new flexible financial options for leasing and ownership. Connecticut state residents have saved an average of $1,100 per household on their utility bills because of Go Solar projects.

Go Solar is available through the Connecticut Green Bank and provides easy, affordable financing options for PV systems. For more information visit:

Governor Malloy has recently accounted a policy proposal in support of solar on homes. The policy will expand Residential Solar Investment Program target to no less than 300 MW by 2022.  This policy will also:

 -Create over 6,000 jobs per year

-Improve Connecticut’s economy by $537 million

-Save ratepayers $68-$168 million in Class 1 RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) compliance costs



Year 3 Small ZREC

PURA (the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority ) has approved the CL&P Year 3 Small ZREC Tariff rate of $80.97 per REC, based on a weighted average price for the Year 3 selected Medium ZREC bids of $73.61 per REC.  CL&P has no specific schedule for the release of the Year 3 Small ZREC Program at this time.

UI is planning to release the Year 4 LREC/ZREC RFP in April 2015.

As a reminder, the Small ZREC price is set by the Medium ZREC Weighted Average Bid Price (+10%).  The Year 3 Small ZREC Price for UI has been set at $84.04.

CED Greentech Serves New York

CED Greentech is well stocked with LG, SolarWorld and Hyundai solar panels and major inverter brands including SMA, Enphase and SolarEdge.  CED Greentech also stocks solar racking and balance of systems.  CED Greentech is in the process of opening a 70,000 square foot central distribution facility in Enfield, CT to better serve our local customers and our customers in CT, NY, NJ and PA.  Using both common carrier and our own fleet of CED Greentech delivery trucks, we are serving the vibrant New York installers. David Martindale, a Woodstock, NY resident, is CED Greentech’s Outside Sales in New York State recently stated, “I am grateful to be part of the CED Greentech team and providing best products, services and prices for the New York installers. CED Greentech’s 60 years of distribution success is a big help in achieving New York State’s renewable energy goals”.

Contact information for David Martindale: [Email] [Phone] (845) 443 6213 


Governor Cuomo Announces Historic Commitment to Solar Power

Governor Cuomo’s newly announced $1 billion commitment to the NY-Sun initiative establishes New York as one of the Nation’s leaders in clean energy policies.  The NY-Sun initiative provides long term funding certainty for the growing clean energy economy and helps the solar industry become more resilient, stable and affordable. For the complete article see:


CED Greentech Serves Massachusetts

CED Greentech’s Auburn, MA warehouse is fully stocked and making daily deliveries to our customers throughout Massachusetts, NH, and Maine. We have a knowledgeable team ready to help you!  Feel free to contact Barrett Miles: [Email] [Phone] (617) 356 6375

Will Massachusetts’ Net Metering Caps Spoil the Community Solar Party?

The latest focal point within the solar industry is community solar.  Community solar is a great opportunity to access a new potential solar consumer base.  The proposal is strong: build solar at ground-mount prices and credit subscribers slightly less than residential and commercial retail electricity rates.

At the end of 2014, Massachusetts had 6 megawatts of community solar projects, including Harvard and Brewster.  Clean Energy Collective recently announced a 50 megawatt pipeline to be built over the next 18 months within the state. The reason for Massachusetts’ potential community solar success is because of the virtual net metering (NEM) in place since the Green Communities Act of 2008. However, facilities installed with virtual NEM in mind are subject to the commonwealth’s limits.  Any on-site residential systems (<10 kilowatts single phase) don’t count toward NEM caps, but community solar facilities of a certain scale would (see the graph below).  For more information:








Interesting Industry News

Solar Industry Makes Commitment to Employ 50,000 Veterans by 2020

  • Joining Forces, an initiviate to help support U.S. service members in their post active duty lives
  • Today, America’s solar energy companies already employ twice as many veterans as the average U.S. business


German and European Power Grids, Civilization Intact Following Solar Eclipse

  • March 20th, 2015, a solar eclipse affected PV installations in much of Europe. German PV output went from 21.7 GW to 6.2 GW and recovered to 21.2 GW over the course of 2.5 hours.
  • Many methods for mitigating the effects of decreased PV availability were used from utilizing other energy sources (hydroelectric), decreasing demand and discharging energy stored in batteries.
  • Effects of eclipse were equivalent to turning off a medium-sized power plant every minute for a full hour.

Connecticut: The State of Future Greentech Innovation

  • Connecticut is the right place for Greentech innovators and their companies.
  • Fifth highest percentage of engineers and scientists in the US and 33% higher concentration of high-tech workers than the national average.
  • History of innovation from 1960’s NASA fuel cell development to today with a third of fuel cell patents and a third of US fuel cell jobs in the US. innovation?utm_source=Daily&utm_medium=Headline&utm_campaign=GTMDaily

Solar Panels Add Premium to Home Value, Study Finds

  • 15 year study of home sales shows owned PV systems increase the value of homes significantly.
  • Study done by Berkeley Lab in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories.
  • Premiums for a typical residential PV system averaged around $15,000.[tt_news]=18310&cHash=b7e239c1060573651b78ae81623aae09#axzz3SZaFlwm0

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