Zilla Electrical Flashing

Zilla Elec Flashing Zilla Elec Flashing


 Zilla® Electrical Flashing is unlike any flashing on the market - featuring a water tight seal, ability to mount flush with the roof or a wall, mounting directly to standard industry components and a quick and easy installation. No more ugly, leaky rubber boots or messy caulking! Quick, simple, secure: the Zilla® Electrical Flashing Assembly eliminates leaking.

  • Run Electrical through the roof or walls without leaks!
  • No leaky rubber boots or UV damage
  • Mounts flush to the roof or vertically on a wall
  • Zilla® LB Flashing Adapter seals to Flashing
  • Threads directly to a 1-1/4” LB Conduit Body1
  • Mount Junction Boxes1/Combiners Boxes securely without leaks
  • No need for caulking
  • Ideal for use with shingles or siding
  • Other applications: satellite dish cables, weather monitoring
  • equipment, ham radio wiring, ethernet cabling, etc.
  • Available for metal roofs



Materials: Aluminum, Steel, & Silicone.

Size: 6.75" L x 10" W x 2" H (assembled, exposed on roof).

Weight: 1.2 - 1.4 lbs (depending upon chosen materials).

Finish: Mill, Powder Coat or Custom