In a competitive business landscape, some of the most well-run and efficient companies are turning to solar energy to stay ahead. From large corporations such as Walmart, Costco, Apple and IKEA to more than 1,000 Oregon companies, businesses are making significant investments in solar to cut energy costs.

Commercial financing for Solar PV installations is a numbers game.  Being cash flow positive day one with favorable ROIs are essential and require creative financial products.


    PSM Energy enables accredited investors to directly own and lend to commercial solar projects in a simple, fast, and profitable way. The PSM Energy team believes in the imperative of investing in solar for the positive social impact as well as the financial, and sees an extraordinary opportunity in a changing regulatory environment for accelerating capital flows to the green economy.


    SunRaise sells low-cost solar energy to large non-profits (schools, towns, churches, and hospitals) for no upfront cost, providing a pathway to stable electricity rates, significant savings, and environmental leadership. We help hosts provide more than just low-cost electricity by working with schools and students to learn about real world applications to their studies, hoping to engage the next generation of innovators and leaders.